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Medicare Finalizes 2024 Physician Fee Rule with Pay Increases, Telehealth Extension, and New Behavioral Health Coverage

  • The CY 2024 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule final rule announces policy changes affecting physician payment, including increased payment for primary care and direct patient care.

  • The rule continues many COVID-19 public health emergency telehealth flexibilities through 2024, including allowing telehealth for mental health services from home and virtual supervision of residents.

  • The rule implements new coverage and payment for services from mental health counselors, marriage counselors, and addiction counselors in Medicare. It also increases valuation of behavioral health services.

  • The rule finalizes payment for dental exams and treatment prior to cancer treatment and transplants, building on 2023 policies to cover dental care inextricably linked to Medicare services.

  • The rule pauses implementation of Appropriate Use Criteria for advanced diagnostic imaging and makes changes to the Medicare Diabetes Prevention Program and ambulance policies.